Tech + Mkt
Bringing data and creativity together to create the path to grow any business

We are building (and improving) an A.I growth platform that unifies the principal channels of digital marketing for our clients to have everything in one channel and transparency to make decisions.

Handcraft made to apply growth for 22 segments
It's not easy to translate tech and marketing to make the best decisions for you, so we do it.
Our platform is for:

To grow influence between friends and followers, to find new things to share and learn, and to improve their business profile.

Content Creators

To increase the reach of their audience, make the best of their engagement, plan the best content and get to know new people of the same segment for collabs.

Small and Medium Businesses

Small and Medium Businesses. To understand their data, get new digital marketing insights, and focus on the KPI's that matter for their business.

To do it
We connect high skilled people with an amazing tech
Business Intelligence
When our users share their data with us we learn based on the history of what they did, and what they can do to improve Want to know more? get in touch
A.I Insights
We create ML models to translate the business intelligence data to have the best growth arquitecture for each one of our clients Want to see it in action?
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Growth Experts
We are creating a big community of marketing specialists and growth experts to discuss and improve marketing digital as a whole Join our community
Platform Roadmap


Q4/2021 Social Media Launch

Launch of the platform with Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Analytics, insights, planner and network.


Q1-Q2/2022 Traction on Social

Social media update with Tiktok, Pinterest and Twitter + Ads, API, BI, and segment data analysis.


Q3-Q4/2022 Website Analysis

Website analysis, SEO tool, content creation powered by A.I and nice widgets for blogs, ecommerces, and apps.


Q1-Q4/2023 App + Intelligence

Launch of our app and business side platform to follow Acquisition, Retention, ARR, CAC, LTV and much more.


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